Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? Do you know why some people have their wisdom teeth removed?  As you’ve probably guessed, your wisdom teeth can actually cause a number of problems if they aren’t removed but do you know exactly what these issues are?  

Sadly, wisdom teeth may not erupt properly. Unfortunately, your wisdom teeth may not have room to come in correctly. If this happens, your wisdom teeth might push against your other teeth, which might actually damage them. To make matters worse, this could damage any orthodontic work you’ve had done. Furthermore, your wisdom teeth could lead to crowded teeth. Ultimately, a wisdom tooth might become stuck in your gums, or impacted. Unfortunately, if your tooth is impacted, your gums could become infected.   

Sadly, if your wisdom teeth grow in incorrectly, it might also be difficult for you to clean your teeth as thoroughly as you should. If this happens, you might have a hard time removing plaque and bacteria from between your teeth.

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