Why Are Sugary Beverages Bad for Your Smile?

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Drinking sweetened beverages is a common daily occurrence today. But these drinks feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth which gets their energy from sugar and then create acid that damages your teeth. Tooth erosion and cavities are two of the results.

Even fruit juices can have as much sugar as soda! While you may not be able to avoid sugary drinks completely, limiting will benefit your smile. One way you can do this is by substituting alternatives. Let’s take a look!

  • Instead of soda, drink water.
  • Instead of energy drinks, drink unsweetened tea.
  • Instead of chocolate milk, drink plain milk.
  • Instead of smoothies, drink sparkling water with no additives
  • Instead of fruit juice or fruit punch, drink it diluted with water.

By making substitutions, you won’t be feeding the harmful bacteria in the mouth. Not only that, but fluoridated water keeps cavities away from tooth enamel, and the calcium in milk keeps your teeth nourished. For those times you do drink tea, coffee, or soda, you can do the following:

  • Drink the beverage in one sitting rather than sipping on it all day. This lessens the time the sugar feeds the bacteria.
  • If your tap water is fortified with fluoride, drink tap water to protect your pearly whites.
  • Use a straw to lessen contact with the teeth.
  • Clean your teeth and the areas between them every day.

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