What Is a Lumineer?

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A lumineer is very similar to a veneer. Dental veneers are small covers that go on your front teeth to cover discolorations or imperfections. Veneers are made to look like the teeth they cover and also match their natural color to blend in. A lumineer does all this too, but there are some differences.

A lumineer is actually thinner than a veneer, which is fairly thin as well. Even so, they are still strong enough to allow you to eat normally. Even foods that tend to be sticky should not risk pulling them off.

Because they are so thin, lumineers require less time and effort to apply. With veneers, some enamel has to be removed. Because of this, you will always need veneers to cover that area to keep it safe and protected. With lumineers, only some small etching is needed, and not as much enamel will be taken off.

Another advantage which lumineers have over veneers is that they can be removed if you decide you do not like them. As we mentioned, your enamel is not really compromised with lumineers, so your teeth do not need them for protection.

Some of you may wonder if this is a painful process and if you will need to be sedated. No, getting lumineers should be a painless process and no anesthetic should be needed.

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