The First Step in Getting Dental Crowns

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We hope that our office is a cozy spot for you. When you get a dental crown with us, the service will normally take a couple of appointments. Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect in your first appointment with us.

To ready you to get your dental crown, Dr. Celso Seretti will evaluate the state of the roots of your pearly whites and the surrounding bone tissue using X-rays. When the pearly whites or bone tissues are excessively badly damaged, we might choose to perform a root canal before installing a dental crown for you. We will then numb the tooth or teeth that are to receive the crown(s). To assist the fit of the crown, we will contour the tooth’s surface and sides. When big regions of the tooth or chompers are gone, we might fill in the tooth before applying the crown. When you are fitted for a porcelain filling in our office, Dr. Celso Seretti will match the color of porcelain to the shade of your pearly whites.

Set a date for your next visit with Dr. Celso Seretti by calling 281-486-9440, and the Seretti Comprehensive Dentistry staff in Houston, Texas, will help you. And please don’t wait to call us if you have any important worries or questions we can help you with!