The Dangers of Mouth Jewelry

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Do you have any lip or tongue rings? Do you have any piercings in and around your facial area? If so, you may be an increased risk for numerous oral health hazards including cracked and chipped teeth, infections, and allergies.

Mouth jewelry can crack teeth because they are often designed out of a heavy metal or plastic material that can easily overwhelm and damage your teeth. If you have a tongue ring or a lip ring, it’s very easy for it to crack your teeth or wear down tooth enamel. To avoid unnecessary risks associated with mouth jewelry, consider removing the jewelry altogether.

Most forms of mouth jewelry are inserted directly into your gum tissue. Thus, mouth jewelry can lead to severe infections, including hepatitis and endocarditis. Even if you take good care of your mouth, infections can still occur. Furthermore, mouth jewelry can cause allergies to flare up and make cleaning your mouth more difficult than ever. To improve your oral health, and allow your oral health care to be given more effectively, remove mouth jewelry from your daily life.

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