Porcelain Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Dental crowns are the most widely used dental procedure to restore the look and function of a damaged tooth. There are different crowns used, usually like gold crowns, porcelain crowns, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are the best options for people with damaged or decayed teeth. These dental crowns are customized caps or crowns fitted to the tooth and mimic the exact aesthetics of the natural enamel. 

What are Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain dental crowns are the most popular restorations used nowadays for their natural look and metal-free composition. They are entirely made of dental-grade porcelain, which is widely used to make dental crowns. A porcelain crown offers an excellent aesthetic appeal with high durability.

They are best suited to strengthen and protect a tooth that cannot be restored with any other dental procedures. These crowns are made using tooth-colored porcelain that seamlessly blends with the adjoining natural teeth. Moreover, they restore the tooth to its original strength, size, and function. 

Porcelain dental crowns are widely used to restore:

  • Weak teeth after they undergo root canal therapy
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Cracked teeth 
  • Worn down or broken teeth caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or dental erosion
  • Discolored teeth

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are the best and most attractive crowns that a tooth can get. The benefits of porcelain tooth include:

  • Porcelain or ceramic crowns are translucent and offer the most natural look to the teeth.
  • Porcelain crowns are considered the best option for front teeth restorations as they efficiently match the shape, size, and color of surrounding teeth.
  • Porcelain teeth are biocompatible and toxin-free.

Porcelain Crown Fitting Procedure 

The whole procedure for fitting a porcelain crown is almost the same as any other traditional crown. The damaged or decayed tooth is first cleaned and prepared for treatment. The dentist takes the impression of the tooth with the help of digital scans and x-rays, and mold is sent to the dental laboratory to create the new customized crown. Till then, the patient is fitted with a temporary crown. During the next consultation, the temporary crown is removed, and the tooth surface is cleaned. We will place the permanent crown on the tooth and check for a suitable fit, and once confirmed, it will be bonded permanently in place. We will take a bite test and polish the restoration to give it life-like aesthetics.


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