Orthodontic Retainers in Houston, TX

A retainer refers to an orthodontic device designed to help your teeth retain their new position after your orthodontic treatment. The main role of a retainer is to keep the teeth in place and to maintain the results of the aligners or braces in the long run. A retainer happens to be one of the essential parts of your orthodontic treatment. 

What is the Importance of a Retainer? 

A retainer would be a custom-made orthodontic appliance designed for the teeth in their new positions. It means that if you do not wear retainers after your braces or aligners treatment, your teeth may return to their previous positions due to relapse. 

Once the braces are removed from the mouth, it takes time for the teeth to get used to the new positioning. This is when a retainer plays a vital role. Wearing a retainer helps to maintain the new position of the teeth. Consequently, your teeth remain straight and stay healthy for all the years to come. 

What are the Different Types of Retainers? 

Retainers can be of different types, primarily – fixed or permanent retainers and removable retainers. Your orthodontist may suggest the best type of retainer after examining your case. Many orthodontists recommend a permanent or bonded retainer to their patients as it connects the front teeth and keeps them from moving. Permanent retainers last for a long time and are effective in protecting the results of your orthodontic treatment. 

Removable retainers, as the name suggests, can be removed but are equally comfortable and effective. All you need to do is take optimum care of these retainers to maintain them in the long run. 

Listed below are the different types of retainers: 

  • Vacuum Form Retainer

A vacuum form retainer is made using dental-grade plastic material and imitates a horse-shoe shape. This retainer is customized to fit perfectly into your jaw. The transparent plastic material of this retainer makes it an aesthetically pleasing option to choose. 

  • Hawley Retainer

This type of retainer is made using a combination of metal wires and dental-grade plastic. The plastic piece fits perfectly on the roof or floor of the mouth, whereas the metal wires rest against your teeth, thereby holding them in the right position. A Hawley retainer is the most durable of all.  

  • Lingual Retainer

Your orthodontist will fix a lingual retainer to the teeth on their rear side, and you don’t have to worry about wearing and taking it off repeatedly. A lingual retainer is the most effective one when it comes to maintaining the new positions of your teeth. You are merely required to take extra care of oral hygiene while wearing this retainer. 


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