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A missing tooth or teeth can be a major oral concern. Apart from altering your aesthetic appearance, a missing tooth may also create room for other issues, such as difficulty with speaking, chewing food properly, etc. Dentures are a one-stop solution to treat such problems. 

A denture is a custom-made appliance that replaces your missing teeth and restores the appearance of your face and its oral functions. A denture is made with a tooth-colored ceramic and gum-colored acrylic which together mimics the appearance of your gums and teeth.

How are Dentures Made?

The process of developing a denture may take a few weeks, and you may have to visit your dentist or prosthodontist multiple times. A series of impressions of your jaw will be made, after which we will take the exact measurements of how your jaws relate to one another. We will also measure the space between both jaws to create a model in the same shape and position of the denture. After trying such a model multiple times, we assess the shape, color, and fit before creating the final denture. Once fabricated, we will place it in your mouth and check if further adjustments are needed.

What are the Different Types of Dentures?

A denture may be complete or partial.

  • Complete Denture

Complete dentures are made using an acrylic base that is gum-colored to mimic the tissues of your gum and support the porcelain teeth. This denture is held in your mouth by forming a seal with your gums. Your dentist may also place dental implants in the jawbone to hold the dentures in place.

  • Partial Denture

Partial dentures, also known as partials, are either created using a metal framework or acrylic base supporting only the missing teeth that need to be replaced. A partial denture is held in the mouth using rests and clasps adjusted around your natural teeth. A partial denture using a metal framework has a traditional design, while a partial plastic denture is made only for emergency or temporary replacement of the missing teeth. These dentures help to replace only a selected set of your missing teeth.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Dentures?

Listed below are the advantages of wearing dentures:

  • Dentures are considered to be the one-stop solution for replacing multiple missing teeth in one go.
  • Dentures help to restore oral functions and enable you to bite and chew food and pronounce words to perfection.
  • Dentures can be customized to mimic the size, contour, and overall appearance of your natural teeth.
  • Dentures are removable prostheses that allow you to put and remove them anytime you want. 


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