Dental Braces in Houston, TX

Straightened teeth not only give your face an aesthetic appeal but also improve your smile. Unfortunately, not many people are blessed with the same. Crooked or misaligned teeth are a common problem among people of all ages, and you can correct it using dental braces. 

Braces refer to orthodontic treatment and include a procedure of moving or straightening teeth to align them. Braces are also helpful in looking after the long-term health of your teeth, jaw joints, and gums as they ensure a uniform spread of the biting pressure on the teeth. 

Why Opt for Braces Treatment? 

The problem of crooked or crowded teeth is common among many people. Braces help to align such teeth and move them to a better position, hence improving their appearance. At the same time, aligning your teeth helps you clean them easily once the treatment is complete.

Some people have their upper front teeth protruding, which doesn’t only affect their smile but leads to other oral concerns as well. Braces treatment helps to move such teeth back into line. 

The treatment using dental braces is also helpful for the jaw bite problem. This condition puts a lot of pressure on the muscles of the jaw and also leads to other issues such as incorrect bites and headaches. Braces treatment lets you bite more evenly and prevents strain.

What are the Different Types of Braces? 

  • Conventional Dental Braces

They are also known as traditional braces and include brackets and wires made using metal. The use of metal makes them sturdy and rigid. The addition of conventional dental braces can also help you in developing a better jawline. 

  • Clear Braces

If you are conscious about showing braces when you open your mouth, ask your dentist about clear braces instead of conventional dental braces. These braces are made using tooth-colored ceramic or transparent brackets and wires. They are aesthetically pleasing as they disguise under the natural tone of your teeth. 

  • Hidden Braces

These braces are also referred to as invisible or lingual braces. Your dentist places these braces on the inner sides of your teeth facing the tongue. Such an arrangement keeps them completely hidden. 

What is the Procedure for Getting Dental Braces? 

When you visit our dentist, we will screen your mouth and run various tests to determine any concerns with your bite. Such tests will help us understand the type and severity of your misaligned teeth. After this, we will suggest the best treatment plan. 

Before beginning the procedure, we may extract teeth from either side of the jaw to create more space for the movement of teeth. Upon the healing of the wounds, we will set suitable braces in place and tighten them as required. You will have to take periodic consultations to monitor the progress of this treatment. 


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