Hitch a Ride on the Smile Parade with Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

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In order to effectively prevent cavities from arising in your mouth, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution with various forms of damage that can give rise to them. Typically, holes in your tooth enamel arise as cavities due to issues associated with poor oral health. If harmful acids in your mouth are slowly wearing away tooth enamel to the point that a hole has formed, it means that dental erosion is damaging your smile in a multitude of ways.

Keeping your smile strong includes being aware of all the risk factors for enamel erosion. If you are suffering from enamel erosion, it could be the result of genetics. Even though you have very little control over genetics, it is important to speak with your family to determine if you have a family history of enamel erosion. Furthermore, environmental factors, medications that produce dry mouth, acid reflux disease and excessive sugar consumption are all known risk factors for enamel erosion.

If you are suffering from an enamel erosion and wish to prevent cavities from arising, it is important to readjust your oral health care treatments in regard to your brushing and flossing. In addition, you may want to add supplemental cleaning tools such as mouthwash and chewing gum to your health care repertoire. This could prove to be highly effective for keeping your smile safe and cavity free. Furthermore, make sure you use safe and effective tools that have not worn down or frayed. For additional help, look for ways to produce additional saliva in your mouth, as it can help neutralize harmful acids linked to dental erosion.

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