Have You Heard of ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

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If you have never heard of ZOOM teeth whitening, we are pleased to inform you of this high-quality professional whitening method that greatly improves smile appearance by using a safe bleaching solution to whiten deep discoloration and tooth stains. Despite its powerful solution, it is safe enough to not cause damage to the tooth enamel or the underlying dental structure. We are happy to offer further insight into the nature of ZOOM teeth whitening and how it can help you achieve and maintain your dream smile:

– We provide ZOOM teeth whitening to remove tooth stains from your smile that were caused by soda, tea, wine, coffee, fruit juice and other staining agents.
– A powerful hydrogen peroxide makes up the base of ZOOM whitening, deeply penetrating the teeth to remove the staining and discoloration that has accumulated over the years.
– Typically, the process to whitening your teeth lasts about 60 minutes, and you can have a noticeably whiter smile after the first treatment alone.
– Furthermore, we can offer a custom at-home whitening kit to touch up your smile and help you maintain the results of your whitening treatment.
– Although ZOOM teeth whitening is very powerful and effective, it doesn’t have the ability to stop tooth stains from occurring in the future, so to keep your smile in good condition, we encourage you to avoid products and foods that stain teeth.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Celso Seretti at Seretti Comprehensive Dentistry if you are interested in receiving ZOOM teeth whitening in Houston, Texas. Contact our office at 281-486-9440 today for a visit!