Great Smiles are Possible with the Zoom! Whitening System

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Do you want to improve the look of your smile with a safe and effective treatment that can noticeably brighten your teeth? If so, root out deep stains with Zoom! whitening treatments, which are designed to go deep within a tooth and safely remove discolorations.

Great smiles are possible with Zoom! whiteners. Facts about Zoom! whiteners include the following:

– Zoom! can eradicate stains caused by age, tea, coffee, tobacco, soft drinks, wines, beets, juices, and many other substances.
– A regular Zoom! whitening treatment only takes roughly an hour, but can drastically improve the color of your teeth.
– Zoom! whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to get below the tooth enamel and bleach the internal stains in a tooth without causing damage.
– Your teeth can still be stained after a Zoom! Whitening treatment, so try to avoid eating or drinking anything that can discolor your teeth.
– You dentist can give you Zoom! whitening treatments to use at home to touch up spots that may require additional treatment.

Dr. Celso Seretti and our team are located in Houston, Texas. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Seretti Comprehensive Dentistry for Zoom! whiteners, please call our office at 281-486-9440. Make time to improve your smile.