Fundamentals of Root Canal Therapy

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When a cavity in your tooth becomes too deep, it can cause an infection in the soft inside of your tooth and might need root canal therapy. When this happens, your tooth can feel a sharp pain, and there is a chance, if left untreated, you might lose your tooth or even have further complications. Through root canal therapy you will be able to save your natural tooth and should feel less pain.

Our dentist, Dr. Celso Seretti, wants you to know more about root canal therapy. That is why our team here at Seretti Comprehensive Dentistry in Houston, Texas, has provided you with a few facts on the subject.

Root canal treatments are used when the inside of your tooth has become infected. The therapy itself will typically take one or two visits. Extreme care and thought is put into making sure the process itself is as painless as possible for you.

Once the therapy is finished, and your mouth has been given time to recover, you should feel less pain than before. With recovery complete and proper daily care, the root canal therapy should last a lifetime.

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