The Fundamentals of Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever wished the look of your teeth could be improved? Are you doing everything you can to keep your smile safe and clean but a few visual defects remain to hold your smile back from its true shining potential? If so, consider trying a cosmetic dentistry treatment. Let's take... Read more »

Great Smiles are Possible with the Zoom! Whitening System

Do you want to improve the look of your smile with a safe and effective treatment that can noticeably brighten your teeth? If so, root out deep stains with Zoom! whitening treatments, which are designed to go deep within a tooth and safely remove discolorations. Great smiles are possible with... Read more »

What to Look for in Your Family’s Next Tube of Toothpaste

You and your family members deserve a strong and healthy smile, but the only way to achieve that goal is to regularly clean your smile with the proper oral hygiene tools. Unfortunately, there are many products out there that claim to be beneficial when they are not. So, to help... Read more »

Orthodontics and Oral Hygiene

Once upon a time braces, or orthodontics were almost a rite of passage just for children and teens. In recent years, more and more adults have been getting braces to straighten their smiles. Dr. Celso Seretti at Seretti Comprehensive Dentistry wants you to know that no matter what your age,... Read more »

Do You Know the Signs of a Cavity?

Do you know the signs of a cavity? If you have an unexplained toothache, you may be experiencing the unpleasant effects of a cavity, which, if left untreated, can lead to infections within a tooth and eventual tooth loss. If you would like to know more about cavities, listed below... Read more »

Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? Do you know why some people have their wisdom teeth removed?  As you’ve probably guessed, your wisdom teeth can actually cause a number of problems if they aren’t removed but do you know exactly what these issues are?   Sadly, wisdom teeth may... Read more »

All You Need to Know About Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath can be extremely annoying, especially because it can make social situations a bit awkward. So, it’s best to prevent bad breath altogether, right? Right. To help you do so, Dr. Celso Seretti and our dental team have some tips that can help you have the fresh and pristine... Read more »