A Previously Treated Tooth With Another Cavity May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

A simple dental filling can often be used to treat a small cavity or minor physical defect in a tooth’s enamel layer. The durable dental material applied to the void will restore the tooth’s basic function in your mouth while also sealing the area against the bacterial deposits that promote... Read more »

A Retainer Will Be Needed After Braces Are Removed

Traditional braces incorporate various components which can alter the alignment of your teeth. Regular adjustments help to tension the brackets, wires and other hardware elements to gradually correct deviations in your bite pattern. Our dentist often recommends setting up the adjustment appointment four to six weeks apart, which typically allows... Read more »

Have You Heard of ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

If you have never heard of ZOOM teeth whitening, we are pleased to inform you of this high-quality professional whitening method that greatly improves smile appearance by using a safe bleaching solution to whiten deep discoloration and tooth stains. Despite its powerful solution, it is safe enough to not cause... Read more »

Dental Upgrades: Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

Did you know there is a link between being pregnant and your oral health? To better assist your smile when you are pregnant, visit your dentist and implement new and improved oral hygiene routines to ensure that your cleaning care is at its maximum effectiveness. Common questions regarding your oral... Read more »

Hitch a Ride on the Smile Parade with Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

In order to effectively prevent cavities from arising in your mouth, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution with various forms of damage that can give rise to them. Typically, holes in your tooth enamel arise as cavities due to issues associated with poor oral health. If harmful acids... Read more »

What Is a Lumineer?

A lumineer is very similar to a veneer. Dental veneers are small covers that go on your front teeth to cover discolorations or imperfections. Veneers are made to look like the teeth they cover and also match their natural color to blend in. A lumineer does all this too, but... Read more »

Floss (And Brush) For A Clean Smile

The best way to prevent cavities and other oral emergencies is to remove plaque from your teeth. But brushing alone can’t do the job properly. It is vital that you floss your teeth as well as brush, so as to remove the plaque and debris from all areas of your... Read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Might Help Preserve a Professionally Whitened Smile

Significant dental stains tend to build up over the course of time. They are more likely to develop if you frequently drink dark beverages or you use tobacco products. It’s also worth noting certain foods like chocolate, dark berries, and tomato sauces can sometimes contribute to dental stains. In time... Read more »

Why You Should Always Respond to a Toothache

If you are experiencing some form of dental pain, such as a throbbing toothache, tooth sensitivity in one or more teeth, or a chronic ache in your gums, this is usually an important warning sign that your smile is dealing with a significant dental problem. We encourage you to not... Read more »

Information About Tooth Hazard Prevention

  When you think of new ways to improve your overall health, it's always a good idea to think about how to prove your dietary health. Not only can a checklist of the foods and drinks you're eating improve your physical health, but they can also help restore your teeth... Read more »