Can Zoom! Whitening Really Reach Deep Stains Beneath Your Tooth Enamel?

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Can Zoom! whitening kits really reach deep stains beneath your tooth enamel? The truth is, that yes, they can. Zoom! whitening treatments are designed to make your smile shine brighter and whiter than ever before, and thanks to the high-quality materials and tools used in the treatment, they can succeed.

The Zoom! whitening system uses a hydrogen peroxide gel to penetrate deep into a tooth’s core, below the tooth enamel. Once there, it can be activated by a special lamp that can use the gel to remove stains and discoloration with no damage to the tooth occurring. What’s great is that the system can be effectively used multiple times over multiple years, because teeth can become stained once again.

Typical causes of stains that Zoom! whitening can remove include beets, juices, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, wines, and even the ravages of old age. Zoom! can even be used as part of at-home kits so patients can touch up their smile themselves. If you are interested in whiter teeth in as little as one hour, come visit us to see what Zoom! whitening can do for your smile!

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