A Retainer Will Be Needed After Braces Are Removed

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Traditional braces incorporate various components which can alter the alignment of your teeth. Regular adjustments help to tension the brackets, wires and other hardware elements to gradually correct deviations in your bite pattern.

Our dentist often recommends setting up the adjustment appointment four to six weeks apart, which typically allows sufficient time for your periodontal ligaments to adapt to their new orientation. Once your teeth have achieved their ideal positions, Dr. Celso Seretti can remove your traditional braces.

Yet this is not the end of the process. There will still be some lingering tension remaining in your dental sockets. To prevent it from causing your teeth to relapse out of their corrected alignment he will provide you with a retainer.

A Hawley retainer is the most common option for preventing relapse. It is a removable oral appliance created from a special acrylic material. It will be designed to comfortably fit to the unique shape of your mouth. The Hawley retainer typically includes metal components designed to lock onto specific teeth.

The retainer will need to be taken out any time you eat. When it’s not worn in the mouth, you should keep it in its case. Improvising a container or placing it in a plastic bag increases your chances of losing or damaging the retainer.

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