A Previously Treated Tooth With Another Cavity May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

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A simple dental filling can often be used to treat a small cavity or minor physical defect in a tooth’s enamel layer. The durable dental material applied to the void will restore the tooth’s basic function in your mouth while also sealing the area against the bacterial deposits that promote tooth decay.

If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth twice each day or you often forget to floss the increased oral plaque acids in your mouth could demineralize a new area of tooth enamel. If an area of tooth decay develops on a tooth with an existing dental filling there might not be enough healthy tooth enamel remaining to support a second dental filling.

In a case like this a dentist like Dr. Celso Seretti recommends a dental crown restoration. The treatment plan will require two separate appointments to effectively replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another dental material.

The appointment starts with our dentist numbing the tooth before carefully to removing the remaining tooth enamel as well as the old dental filling. The healthy dentin abutment left behind will eventually support your dental crown.

A detailed impression will be made of the abutment to help guide the dental technicians who will create your dental crown.

When it’s ready you will need to return for a second appointment to have the dental crown cemented directly onto the abutment.

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